“A wonderful experience for our dogs, one being a 4 month old puppy!  Super clean, loved all of their available products and excellent service!  My kids had a blast taking the dogs there and can’t wait to go back!  Thanks for joining the Western Shawnee community!!”



“Very friendly, super clean location and organized! Owner takes pride in his business.  I have one happy and very clean doggie!  Makes cleaning easy to get done. Congratulations on your grand opening.”


Three Legged Guy

“We brought in a stray that we were bathing before transporting him to his new forever home. He was really scared! Thank you for your kindness, caring, concern and love for our three-legged guy. You were one angel during our day who reminded us how good people are out there in the world. Thank you.


What to Expect

A Word About Dirty Dawgs

Happy Customer

"New favorite. Our dogs are clean and smell better. The best part

is I don't have a mess to clean up."


Kept Me Off My Knees ...

“Emmy (13 - ½ year old Standard Poodle) and I went here today…very clean and friendly facility. A wonderful raised tub kept me off my knees and all you need is provided. There is even

a selection of shampoos! 

Emmy even had a snuggle from each of the owners

Chris and Lisa after we finished. 

We will be back!!"

Emmy's Mommy


“Thanks Dirty Dawgs for being such a great place to get my golden retriever, Libby cleaned up after a romp in the lake and dog park.”


Our Reviews

Giving your dog a bath

is 100 times easier.

"The facility is clean and well organized. The staff is friendly and helpful. They make giving your dog a bath 100 times easier than it is at home!I wish we would have tried this place sooner. We have two, 50lb dogs that we were getting groomed professionally about twice

a year (we wanted to do it more often but it's so expensive). We just tried Dirty Dawgs last week and LOVED it! It was about $30 for the both of them, the owner was there and was very polite and helpful. She was friendly and personable. The best part is their products made our dogs come out looking and smelling just like,

if not better, than getting them professionally groomed.

We will definitely be back often."


A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home in our spacious store.


Safe and Clean.

Safe, clean and organized friendly environment.



Lower cost alternative versus having your canine bathed at the vet, groomer, or spa.

Close to Home

"I took my dogs there tonight and the owners were incredibly helpful and sweet. I'm so glad that there is a place like this close to home! The place was so clean and organized and I'm very impressed. I definitely recommend this place and I'll be bringing my dogs here from now on! Ps Wednesday Is $15 a wash so come then if you can, otherwise it's $18 a dog!"


Tell Us

What You Think ...


"Can't recommend this place enough - Great facilities, wonderful owners and affordable!"


Great Set Up

"Great set up. All the products and brushes, etc you need. Owner very helpful in explaining the process. Will become our go to place for bathing Gabby.!"


Highly Recommend

“We brought our 2 dogs in for a bath this weekend. This place is great!  It is clean, has a good set up, and nice selection of brushes and quality shampoos.  Staff was very helpful and attentive. Highly recommend.”​


Good News

"The cat told me it was going to rain tomorrow. I hope it rains tacos."

A. Non-Mouse

I Love This Place

“Just took our 7 month old Aussie in for a bath today and I love this place. It is clean and the owner (Chris) went beyond just being helpful since my dog is fearful and can be skittish. Chris let me walk in & out and then up and down the stairs to the tub so he could get used to it. I have a 11 year old Rat Terrier that we always just used our bath tub but we will also be getting a new puppy another Aussie so from now on we will be bring all 3 to Dirty Dawgs for a bath since now we don’t have to do the clean up!!!  Well maybe not all at once!!  Lol.”  


What a Fun Place ...

“Shawnee peeps…what a fun place to take your doggie for

a bath. Highly recommend!”


Dogs Loved It!

"Both our dogs loved it and you have so many options to choose from between tools, shampoo, and smell good!! Highly recommend!"


Smells Amazing

"My GSD, Viza, & I were referred here & couldn't be happier with the experience. Chris was extremely helpful & caring when interacting with my dog, keeping her calm (typically she's anxious during baths) & offering assistance when we needed. Many choices of great-smelling shampoo & conditioner are available, as well as top notch grooming tools. Chris explained which tools & conditioner were best for my dog's coat. He made the experience very easy!! Best part was the little spritz of mimosa scent at the end!!! Now my little pup is healthier, clean, fluffy, & smells amazing!! Nothing but good remarks -- I'll definitely be bringing Viza back!! Thanks Dirty Dawgs!!"


Our First Time

"I took our dog to Dirty Dawgs today, our first time there .. absolutely loved this place! They have everything you need, shampoo, conditioner, smell good stuff, towels, blow dryers .. all you need to bring is your dog! The staff was friendly and extremely helpful. We will definitely be back!!"


Something Stinky

"Tonight our Audrey got into a stinky something that she shouldn't have and it called for a last minute emergency bath. We whisked her off to Dirty Dawgs, a first time visit for all three of us, and we had

a great experience. They were so friendly and helpful and guided us right along the bathing process. Audrey smells so much better now! This is definitely a place we will go back to and we will recommend to others!"



"I usually take my long haired German shepherd to get professionally groomed but decided to do it myself this time. It was a long and hairy process but in the end, not only did I spend about 4 times less money, Jesse got to be with ME, not a stranger. The owner could not have been nicer or more helpful! I always try to support local businesses when I can and I would highly recommend this place for everyone in Shawnee to do the same. They provide EVERYTHING except the dog!

Best of luck to you guys!"​


Friendly, Clean ...

“Friendly, clean, convenient.  Recommend this place

for self service.”


Great Place

"Great place to get your dog clean!! The place is so clean, neat and organized! Love the dog steps and walk in tub. Great selection of shampoos, brushes and washing tools. Two choices for drying! Great experience, even for a 50 lb dog who Hates baths!!
We’ll definitely return!!"


Super Friendly

"AMAZING!!! Super friendly and helpful. I really appreciated everything and I liked that once I'm done bathing and drying my furbabies, I can leave and they will take care of cleaning the tub -

a huge plus for me. The tubs to clean them in sit at a good height too so you're not breaking your back bending over constantly & all the items you need are readily accessible. Highly recommend

to others!"


Right Water Temp

"We took our 100 lb German Shepherd here and it was a great experience! They have all the shampoo, brushes, towels, the tub is big enough, hair dryer, the water is set to the right temperature and it’s a great deal financially."


Excellent Experience

"I've brought my Brittany mix here

a number of times since Dirty Dawgs opened and have had an excellent experience every time. Very clean and well-organized. The owners are friendly and approachable and will happily guide you through the use of any equipment. I love that the water and the blow dry are both kept at the perfect temperature so that my dog is always comfortable.

I also appreciate the shampoo for sensitive skin. Much better than dealing with the clean-up at home!"


Dirty Dawgs owners Chris and Lisa Billings are longtime residents of Western Shawnee.

Chris worked in the printing industry for 36 years while Lisa a customer service representative of 19 years started her own in home daycare, 17 years ago.

Both Chris and Lisa felt the time was right

to pursue a new challenge which resulted in the creation of Dirty Dawgs Self-Service Dog Wash. Chris left the printing industry in January 2015 to devote all of his time and efforts to the building and startup of Dirty Dawgs.