Dirty Dawgs Reviews

Washes are $15 All Day!

While we ALL are learning to live with a new NORMAL ...

We at Dirty Dawgs

Can’t Wait to Reopen!

(We’ve been doing

a lot of spring cleaning.)

We opened this shop literally

5 years ago in June of 2015.

We had NO idea at the time the true meaning of COMMUNITY SUPPORT!

Cheers or Drink

to Another 5 Years.

We are just a mom and pop shop - but ALL of you have made use feel SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

Our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, clean and organized user friendly environment. A lower cost alternative (self-service) versus having your canine bathed at the vet, groomer, or spa.

Thank You So Much for This!

Walk in and put your name and number down and we will call you.

I will be wearing a face mask and I welcome/encourage you to do the same.

We will be closing

at 7pm EVERY night.

Lucy and I can’t wait to see ALL OF YOU AND YOUR WONDERFULLY SWEET



Hope to See you real soon! Lucy & Lisa ❤️

 Every Wednesday is a Dirty Dawg Day!

This is Lucy, She can clear

a table in less than a blink .. After she's eaten pizza, steak, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, she will always eat her veggies and then she looks up at me as if to say .........  What I'm Just Sitting Here.

We Provide:


To All of Our Wonderful Customers!

  • No mess to clean up, you leave the mess for us.
  • Opportunity for continued bonding and trust building with your canine.
  • Friendly atmosphere, courteous, respectful, professional service from owner attendants.
  • Experience lower stress bathing at Dirty Dawgs.


Lucy and I Can’t Wait

to See You!

We will keep the shop at 2 people PER TUB-for a total of 8 CUSTOMERS

at a time in the shop.

(We will adjust

as time goes on.)

We will take down your number and call you when

a tub is ready.

No Call In Reservations

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