Bark 2 Basics


  • ​Bio-Degradable

  • Fresh Scent

  • Safe for Dogs and Cats

  • Deep Cleaning 

All Natural

Bark 2 Basics is all natural.


Groomer's Choice

Bark 2 Basic

is used by top groomers.


Bark 2 Basics

is safe for both dogs & cats.


"I work at an animal hospital and flea infestations are a common occurence.     This shampoo is absolutely amazing. The smell is unbelievable and it works fantastically. It is also a great de-greaser and makes darker coats shine. This product will always be a part of my arsenal."

Our Products


  • Wild Berry Shampoo

  • Honey Almond Shampoo

  • Citrus Plus Shampoo                        (Natural Flea & Tick Deterrent)

We Offer:

  • Skunk Solutions Shampoo

  • Deodorizing Shampoo

  • D-Mat Conditioner

  • Sensi-Skin Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo​

I love going to Dirty Dawgs and getting my coat brushed.  Next time can you brush me with bacon?

We Use Bark 2 Basics Products

  • Natural Premium Quality

  • Professional Grooming Product

  • 16 to 1 Concentrate

  • Pesticide Free Alternative​ 


“Thanks Dirty Dawgs for being such a great place to get my golden retriever, Libby cleaned up after a romp in the lake and dog park.”


"I use this on almost every dog I groom. So many compliments from customers on how soft and luxurious their dogs coat stays for days after grooming. Cant live without it! Every groomer I mention it to, begins using it right away. Thanks so much!"