“What I’m just sitting here”.  

"I have one happy and very clean doggie!" .....


 Every Wednesday is a Dirty Dawg Day!

"Not only did I spend about 4 times less money, Jesse got to be with ME ... ​

$17 bucks

does it all

  • No mess to clean up, you leave the mess for us.
  • Opportunity for continued bonding and trust building with your canine.
  • Friendly atmosphere, courteous, respectful, professional service from owner attendants.
  • Lower stress bathing experience at Dirty Dawgs.

Dirty Dawgs Reviews

We Provide:

big or small

Washes are $14 All Day!

short or tall

Our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, clean and organized user friendly environment. A lower cost alternative (self-service) versus having your canine bathed at the vet, groomer, or spa.

This is Lucy, She can clear a table in less than a blink..After she's eaten pizza, steak, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, she will always eat her veggies and then she looks up at me

as if to say .........

Every Wednesday

is a Dirty Dawg  Day!   Washes  are

$14 All Day!

Every Wednesday

is a Dirty Dawg  Day!   Washes  are

$14 All Day!

"I Love This Place ...“Just took our 7 month old Aussie in for a bath today. It is clean and the owner Chris let me walk in and out and then up and down the stairs ...

"Emmy (13 - ½ year old Standard Poodle) and I went here today…very clean and friendly facility."